How Much Are Famous Homes in Movies and TV Actually Worth?

Ever wonder how much those amazing homes you see on television or in the movies are really worth in real life? The Tanner’s home from Full House or the classic abode from Home Alone are classic examples of homes that are unforgettable and truly memorable.

But how much would you have to dish out if you were to ever put an offer on one?

While none of these homes are necessary for sale at the moment, it’s still interesting to know how much they’re worth.

Full House

The interior of the infamous Tanner home was filmed in a studio in Burbank, California, but the exterior that’s often seen in clips of the hit television show Full House (as well as the spinoff Fuller House) is located in San Francisco where the show is based out of.

As you probably imagined, the home is worth a lot of money. Considering the fact that it’s located in the country’s most expensive housing market, it should come as no surprise that the home is worth nearly $4 million.

Happy Days

The lovely two-story colonial home from the classic 1950’s-based television show Happy Days is located in L.A. and is worth a whopping $3.1 million. You may remember that the show actually took place in Milwaukee, but the home that was featured in the show was nowhere near this northern state.

American Horror Story

The castle-esque home featured in American Horror Story has actually been featured in a few other shows and movies and is located in L.A. as well. The home is sometimes made available for vacation rentals. The value? Just over $2.26 million.

Breaking Bad

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the single-level, white-siding home is worth just over $211,000. The actual interior of the home doesn’t look anything like what you see in the show – much like most other television homes – and was just used for the exterior. However, there is a pool out back.

Boy Meets World

Many homes that are featured on television are located right here in the Golden State, and the home in the popular sitcom Boy Meets World is no exception. In this case, producers had the convenience of working with the home in close proximity to the studio where the show was filmed in Studio City.

Like many other homes featured in film and television, this particular home was made to appear a lot larger than it really is. With only two bedrooms, the home is much smaller than television viewers would believe. This home is currently valued at over $1.15 million.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

When Will Smith’s character pulled up to the home in Bel-Air where he spent his high school years with his Uncle Phil and the gang, he was actually making his way into a home located in nearby Brentwood.

The esteemed Banks’ residence was portrayed as ritzy and expensive, and it is in real life as well. At a price tag of an impressive $11.7 million, only someone with at least the income of a prestigious judge like Phillip Banks could afford it. 

Home Alone

The gorgeous 4,250-square-foot, three-story home featured in the popular Home Alone movie is located in Winnetka, Illinois, close to Lake Michigan. The last time the home was sold was back in 2011 when it sold for $1.5 million, nearly $1 million under the original asking price of $2.1 million.

Today, its estimated that the home is worth about $2.2 million, which seems extremely reasonable for a large, fabulous home that comfortably housed the large McCallister family.

The Goonies

The quirky home was at serious risk of being sold off in the cult classic The Goonies. Located in Astoria, Oregon, the home is currently worth a modest $277,000, though that’s a far cry from the $92,000 it fetched when it last sold back in 2001.

Back to the Future

The residence of Marty McFly and his family is a home located in L.A. but was only used for its exterior. All interior shots were filmed elsewhere. The home is worth over $482,000, just over the median price in the city.

Mrs. Doubtfire

The beautiful white corner house depicted in the family film Mrs. Doubtfire is now a place where fans of the late and great Robin Williams pay homage since the lead actor’s passing. The last time it sold, it fetched a price of $4.15 million. It’s now estimated to be worth in the ballpark of $5.16 million and is located in San Francisco.

The Bottom Line

Some of our favorite movies and TV shows have left a lasting impression, partly because of the classic abodes that were featured in them. While most of these homes were used strictly for exterior shots, they’re still real, and many of them are worth a pretty penny.