5 Fall Design Ideas That Will Boost Your Creativity

As homeowners pull out Halloween decorations, however, they often take the opportunity to look around their homes and make some more permanent changes. Whether it means splashing walls with a fresh coat of paint or rolling out a new rug, even the smallest changes can make a difference in the way a home looks.

With the cooler fall temperatures, this is the perfect time to tackle those interior design projects homeowners have put off all summer. As an additional bonus, your home will be ready for entertaining friends and family this holiday season. Here are eight of the latest design trends to help inform your decisions as you redo your own living spaces.

Reclaimed Wood

Not only is reclaimed wood good for the environment, but it is attractive, as well. You can craft everything from light fixtures to desks using salvaged wood.

Space-Saving Design

Even if you aren’t challenged for space in your new home, you can always use more space. With a little creativity, you can free up extra storage space and extend the size of your home.

Mixing Metals

Historically designers have worked hard to achieve uniformity in the metals in a room. If a kitchen had stainless steel appliances, the last thing a designer would consider was gold knobs and handles on cabinets. But multiple metals in one room is gaining in popularity, as demonstrated in these designs.

Mismatched Colors and Patterns

Instead of painstakingly matching every item in each room, this new design trend frees you up to pair items that wouldn’t have normally been matched. With the right touch, you can even make different patterns and clashing colors work together.

Mixing Some Old with Some New

It’s a great time for homeowners on a limited budget, since budget decorating is all the rage. Combine new items with finds from thrift stores and garage sales for a trendy, eclectic look that catches the eye and impresses guests.

This fall, update the look of your home with one of these exciting design trends. You’ll have something to show off when family visits for the holidays and you’ll give your home a new look going into the new year. Best of all, many of these ideas can be done with minimal expense, keeping your budget free as you prepare for the gift-buying season.